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For a better life / Para una vida mejor

What we can say about massages in general is that their objectives and remedy energy blockages, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, but also to release harmful toxins from the body.

But also to put the mind at rest.

New 3 cures to choose from

Over 15 days - 3 massages - Infusion of plants selected for you

cure massage .jpg

Detox, Energy and Sleep.

15 days, 3 massages and your drink

Includes a selection of plants adapted to your needs for 15 days of treatment.

ortille 2.jpg
fenouil et graine.jpg
SAUGE 4.jpg

Sage, Lion's tooth, Fennel, Nettle, Linden, Cat nails, Moringa, sen leaves, etc.



At the service of the Armory and Health

Installed in Panama for 5 years I took advantage of this new life to change, of professional orientation. Passionate about alternative medicine for a long time, I decided to make it my job.
For 20 years, I practiced plantar reflexology as a family that was part of our alternative medicine routine. I was therefore convinced of its benefits and its immediate effects on body ailments.
Today I give care in anti-pain Massages, Anti-stress Foot Reflexology, Palm Reflexology, Reiki and Access bars.


Merci pour votre envoi !

Tel : OO507 6321 2274
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