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Pain Killer and relaxing massages

The key to a good massage for your health is regularity

What we can say about massages in general is that their objectives and remedy energy blockages, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, but also to release harmful toxins from the body.

1 hour treatment

massage chleureux.jpg

For those who want to have a good time and feel good in their body and mind.

Essential oils, hot stones among others, will allow you total relaxation.



1 hour treatment


After analyzing your symptoms, I offer a suitable massage that can use different techniques such as Trigger Points, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, but also more relaxing movements.

Each of my massages is done with essential oils according to the needs and your tastes.

It is not uncommon for technical reasons that I also use hot stones in order to be able to treat an area more deeply.


1h30 of treatment


This wellness massage is broken down into two stages.

The first is a 1 hour pain relieving back massage or a full body massage.

The second is a 30-minute anti-stress foot reflexology massage.


1h or 1h30 or 2 hours of treatment

This full body massage will not leave you indifferent.

You need to cut back with the outside world I promise you a relaxing trip.

Massage of the skull, neck, shoulder blades, back, arms, hands, legs and feet.

A hot stone option can enhance this massage. (included in 2H massage)

1 h 30 or 2 hours of treatment


This massage is more than a massage, it is an invitation to let go assured.

Stressed, mistreated, want to take a break and leave everything under stress in the closet.

I offer a summary of several therapies.

Let's start with Access bars to put the mind at rest, then let's go to Reiki to circulate the internal energy that is in you and finish with a great full body massage without forgetting foot reflexology.

(Hot stone included in massage 2h)

Special Spirit and Body:

1h or 1h30 of treatments


This massage begins with a manual back massage, then the hot stones will be used to massage, caress, squeeze and knead the whole body.


Secondly, hot stones are placed in specific places such as the spine in my hands, feet, etc.


Under the effect of heat, these energy points are stimulated and released.


Essential oils are used for greater relaxation.

Hot stones:
Fibromyalgia Relaxing Massage:

1h30 or 2h of treatments

After an interview to define the fibromyalgia type we will analyze 18 contact points on your body, to locate your pain areas and their intensities.

I will offer you suitable care.

This can be composed of a manual massage, hot stones, essential oils. We will define the areas of the body to relax so that you start your sessions well in your body and free spirit.

Massage du Crâne:


1 heure de soins

Le soin débute par un massage des mains et des avant-bras en continuité avec les trapèzes.

Le but ? Activer des points d’acupuncture 

liés à la tête à la nuque et au visage. 

Les mains possèdent chacune une dizaine de points aux actions puissantes.

Je m’attèle ensuite à la nuque, zone de toutes les tensions.

Pétrissage, lissage, pression et étirements doux.

Cela sur le crâne et le cuir-chevelu, le front, les tempes mais aussi le visage.

Sport Massage:
montage sport web.jpg

1 hour massage.

This massage is very specific, it will be applied according to your needs and the sport practiced.

Regular massages will allow your muscles to be more flexible and better withstand the effort.

You can book a massage to prepare for a competition, but also after an effort so that your muscles evacuate the lactic acid they have stored during the effort and regain flexibility quickly and avoid cramps.

Anti-stress reflexology :

1 hour treatment

Massage is very specific.

It is an anti-stress foot massage.

Each gesture is linked to the organs of the body which store stress.

We are going to evacuate toxins, circulate blood and lymph, give energy to your body.

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