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Reiki is a Japanese method of transmitting energy by laying on of hands.

In Japanese, "Rei" represents universal energy, and "Ki" is the internal energy of each human being.

Reiki therefore brings Rei and Ki into harmony.

It is the energy of action, passing through the hands of the therapist, which resets to zero the natural flow of energy which exists in the body of the person treated and facilitates the dissolution of energy blockages which prevent the energy to circulate healthily.

Comment cela fonctionne?

Universal energy rebalances personal energy or, in other words, Reiki restores the energy balance of the body.

By restoring the balance of vital energy, the action of Reiki is felt on several levels. Energy stimulates the body's natural self-healing and regenerative processes and is a good practice for treating and maintaining physical and psychological health.

Reiki puts order in our lives, allowing an amplification of consciousness and opening the way to the realization of new opportunities.

Reiki and the Chakras

Reiki and the Chakras are very linked because it is through the Chakras that energy passes and therefore the good energy circulation of your body.

By becoming aware of and balancing the 7 Chakras, you can be more in tune with your body's natural energy cycles in order to live a healthier and more harmonious life.



Chakra Sacré

Plexus Solaire

Chakra du Cœur

Chakra de la Gorge


3eme Œil

Chakra Couronne

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Chakra 3.png
Chakra 2.png
Chakra 4.png
Chakra 5.png
Chakra 7.png
Chakra 6.png


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Reiki for Animals

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