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The soles of the feet, "dashboard" of the whole body.

Reflexology is a technique for manipulating reflex points that correspond to certain organs and parts of the body, these points are present in the extremities of the body. The stimulation aims to mobilize the body's self-healing processes. The objective of reflexology is to relieve symptoms by acting on reflex zones.

What is Reflexology?


Basically, reflexology is a technique of manipulating reflex points which correspond to certain organs and parts of the body, these points are present in the extremities of the body. (feet, hands and ears)

Plantar reflexology is a massage and accupressure practice on all of the feet.

A specific touch applied to the reflex zones makes it possible to locate tensions and other dysfunctions. The activation of certain points by simple pressure makes it possible to act on the imbalanced or fouled organs in order to improve their condition or re-energize them.

The purpose of this alternative medicine and to trigger a process of self-healing of the body.


Why an anti-stress massage

What is stress

How are we going to treat it with foot reflexology

Stress enters your brain and affects your entire body.

The same stress stimulus can have different consequences for different people.

What stimulates one person can be devastating for another.

Le stress 1.jpg

Poor blood circulation

The effects of stress are therefore due to our perception.

Sleep disorder

Inflammatory disorders


All systems, all organs, all cells are affected by stress.




Back pain

How stress manifests:

Narrowness in the body


How anti-stress reflexology massage will help regulate stress

This massage provides relaxation, reduces stress hormones so that the body can produce Lymphocytes , neurotransmitters to start to get better.

In my massage, each point selected has a relationship with stress.

The goal is to relax the body, cleanse it and prevent blockages and stagnation of waste which can lead to serious health problems , improve blood circulation, restore the body's state of balance and increase energy. of it.

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