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The online and live lessons allow you to be in touch with me and I can answer your questions. With each session you will learn additional movements to ultimately master the protocol for applying this anti-stress foot reflexology massage. For family use or for professional application. Duration of training 6 online sessions. To receive your certification, you will need to practice massage during a personal Live session.


Plantar reflexology is a natural medicine, it allows by manipulating the feet with pressures to energize and come into contact with organs and parts of the body. This method is very effective and usable by everyone and everywhere.


Reflexology seeks to bring an improvement or a certain relief to all kinds of ailments: head or back pain, premenstrual syndrome, stress, respiratory disorders, multiple sclerosis, undesirable effects of chemotherapy, etc.


In the case of this training, reflexology seeks an improvement in a state of stress. The points selected have a close relationship with stress, and the consequences it has on the body.

6 online sessions to learn the anti-stress Reflexology protocol

  • Distance learning method

    What is reflexology

    Understanding energy

    Location of reflex points

    Origin of Reflexology and History of Modern Reflexology

    Principles of reflexology



    Symbolic according to Chinese medicine

    Stress and reflexology

    Precautions for this massage


    Special cases

    Possible reactions

    Knowledge of foot, its landmarks, areas

    The different gestures

    Stimulation of painful areas

  • Once your payment has been made, you will receive an email from me for our appointment for the first course.

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